Langford Redline

Central Bedforshire Council

A development of 95 homes on this 13.5 acre site is located to the north west of the village of Langford, Bedfordshire.

This broadly rectangular shaped 5.45 hectare site is located to the north west of the village of Langford, Bedfordshire. Having initially written to the landowners expressing our keen interest in promoting the land for residential development and post subsequent meetings, Rosconn Strategic Land were selected as the preferred land promotion partner in Oct 2017.

Rosconn were prepared to progress with an immediate planning application with a view to securing a favourable decision at local level. Simultaneously, it was also prudent to engage in the emerging Local Plan, both by making representations to the Pre-Submission Draft Plan and attending the subsequent Examination with a view to promoting the allocation of the site should additional sites be required. An Outline planning application for 95 dwellings and associated public open space was submitted to Central Bedfordshire Council on 25th June 2018. Having resolved some technical issues following conversations with the appointed case officer, the application was recommended for approval by officers and first attended Planning Committee in December 2018, where members resolved to defer the application to receive further evidence relating to construction and exploration of an alternative access.

Langford Redline
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The application was then reconsidered in February 2019 again having been recommended for approval by officers. Frustratingly, the application was refused with members identifying reasons related to the effect on the access and scale of the proposal on the living conditions of residents in Tithe Farm Close, the road where access was being taken. As such, Rosconn swiftly went to work on preparing a planning appeal, with a Written Representations appeal submitted in March 2019. This appeal was allowed by the Planning Inspector on 7th October 2019. The accompanying planning agreement secured benefits for both the local and wider community including provision of 35% affordable housing and over £1.5 million of financial contributions to local infrastructure such as education provision and healthcare.

The transparent marketing process, in conjunction with the Cambridge Office of Strutt & Parker, resulted in Bloor Homes being selected as the purchaser. The sale was concluded in July 2020, during the early stages of Covid 19’s ‘New World’ which created a high degree of tension and risk aversion in the residential land market. Rosconn Strategic Land persevered and delivered the sale for the landowners, who are delighted with the outcome.

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What did our customers say?

“Our family were approached by Rosconn over 3 years ago about a 10-acre piece of land that had been in the family for over 80 years. Attempts had been made over the years to gain planning permission, all of which had failed, with the situation becoming more complicated as the land became less accessible due to other developments. Dan and Nick of Rosconn worked tirelessly with us, as well as with the neighbouring landowner, to enter a partnership to bring two pieces of land together to promote.

This, although it sounded straightforward, was not. Eventually planning permission was applied for. Twice the council denied permission, so on sound advice from Rosconn, a written appeal was submitted. Appeals are notoriously complicated and without a guarantee of success, Rosconn skilfully negotiated and the appeal was won, a buyer found and contracts drawn up to exchange and complete.

Through no fault of their own, delays put us right into Covid lockdown and the collapse of the economy, leaving us without a signed deal. Thanks to the knowledge, personal relationships, professionalism and sheer determination of Rosconn, a few months into lockdown we saw a deal brokered with the existing buyer and the deal was back on.

In summary, Rosconn achieved a sale against what seemed insurmountable odds during an unprecedented pandemic – what had seemed impossible became possible.

Jane Badger & Sally Butler

Land Owners

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