It was a hard slog at the starting gate in Feb 2017 and took 5 years to complete in Feb 2022.
Rosconn Strategic Land, particularly Nick Carr was an absolute superstar and definitely went the extra mile plus to see the sale through to the finish. He co-ordinated with all the correct people as the process went along and had to jump over many hurdles to get to the finishing post.

Well done Nick Carr in particular and thank you for all the assistance you gave in the process.
We would thoroughly recommend Rosconn Strategic Land. Fighting against all odds, they succeeded in getting the sale through.”

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Tish Spiers, Trustee of the C.R.E.W. Wilcox Trust.

Stretton Road, Wolston
When we considered which development partner we should talk to about bringing forward for our Trust clients some surplus allotments in Wolston, we knew that we would need a partner who was imaginative, dogged and determined. We have worked with Rosconn on several other schemes and knew they would be up to this particular project.

Rosconn carefully steered the project through the minefields of local politics, a divided Parish Council, the emotional attachment of long standing allotment holders and a planning refusal from the council. That planning refusal was overturned at a carefully orchestrated planning appeal with full costs awarded to Rosconn.

The sale process was also expertly managed. The end result was that our Trust client received more from the site sale to Spitfire Homes than originally expected when we entered into the promotion agreement.

The whole Rosconn team was dedicated but I would pick out Nick Carr as a professional who went the crucial extra miles.

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Andrew Russell-Wilks BSc FRICS MRTPI, Godfrey Payton

Stretton Road, Wolston
We chose Rosconn Strategic Land to promote our land because they came across as very professional, with a high attention to detail, as well as being easy to speak to. We were not disappointed with our choice. It was a long and difficult process that was not helped by the corona virus pandemic.

Rosconn dealt with all the obstacles that were put in their way. Their patience, expertise and professionalism showed through during the whole process and we were very happy with the outcome

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Sarah & Justin Chambers

Stoke Albany
It has been a pleasure working with the team at Rosconn, who have promoted our client’s land at Cubbington, Leamington Spa with great enthusiasm, based on their strong belief in the site’s development potential. In spite of the initial set back, they Appealed the refusal of planning consent and secured a very satisfactory consent for residential development. Holt Property negotiated the sale following a competitive bidding process, at a price which exceeded the landowner’s expectations. A good team effort!

In our experience Rosconn is a very professionally run business, with an experienced and enthusiastic team, We have enjoyed working with them and they always try and go the extra mile, which has impressed us. We look forward to working on many more sites with them.

Holt Property can highly recommend Rosconn.

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Holt Property Limited

Cubbington Development
Rosconn were recommended to me by a property development specialist who had worked with many such organisations.

At the time I was being approached by a number of strategic land companies but was most impressed by Rosconn from the first. My initial meeting was with Dan O’Donnell, I very much enjoyed the meeting and liked his open and professional manner. It was clear to me that here was someone that I could work with and most importantly trust. I decided at that meeting to proceed with Rosconn. It turned out to be an excellent decision. From the outset Rosconn explained the route forward and never failed to keep me informed of any difficulties that arose. They were happy to discuss with me, and indeed listen to my opinion, of the best way forward. It was pleasure to conduct business in such a friendly and open environment.

During the process I had regular contact with both Dan and Nick Carr. Dan and Nick’s expertise and experience were striking both during the planning application phase and the eventual disposal stage. Their sensitive handling of local requirements and negotiations with a neighbouring landowner were particularly valuable. I would add that the team that lies behind Dan & Nick is clearly effective and professional.

I have very much appreciated my association with Rosconn who I found to be transparent and professional throughout our time working together. I am very happy to recommend them to others who wish to secure development. They have the art of making the difficult appear easy, which is no small achievement. If I have other land that I believe has development potential I would have no hesitation picking up the telephone to Rosconn.

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Charles Cooper

Land Owner Desford Development
Our family were approached by Rosconn over 3 years ago about a 10-acre piece of land that had been in the family for over 80 years. Attempts had been made over the years to gain planning permission, all of which had failed, with the situation becoming more complicated as the land became less accessible due to other developments. Dan and Nick of Rosconn worked tirelessly with us, as well as with the neighbouring landowner, to enter a partnership to bring two pieces of land together to promote.

This, although it sounded straightforward, was not. Eventually planning permission was applied for. Twice the council denied permission, so on sound advice from Rosconn, a written appeal was submitted. Appeals are notoriously complicated and without a guarantee of success, Rosconn skilfully negotiated and the appeal was won, a buyer found and contracts drawn up to exchange and complete.

Through no fault of their own, delays put us right into Covid lockdown and the collapse of the economy, leaving us without a signed deal. Thanks to the knowledge, personal relationships, professionalism and sheer determination of Rosconn, a few months into lockdown we saw a deal brokered with the existing buyer and the deal was back on.

In summary, Rosconn achieved a sale against what seemed insurmountable odds during an unprecedented pandemic – what had seemed impossible became possible.

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Jane Badger & Sally Butler

Land Owner Langford Development
As the land owner of Graze Hill, I was conscious of my responsibilities to the next generation of my family and making the correct decisions. I had already engaged a local Planning firm but needed to move things to the next level.

We were introduced to Rosconn Strategic Land by my farm Agronomist. We enjoyed meeting Dan and Nick, their commitment blew the competition out of the water.

I found the backup supplied by the Rosconn team excellent and enjoyed the clarity of correspondence supplied.
I would not hesitate to recommend this team to handle the complex and laborious planning process associated with any project.

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Land Owner Graze Hill Development
The estate of my late mother-in-law was a complex equation.  Firstly, I sought the advice of Solicitors and Edward Lowe estate agents.

This culminated in the decision to employ Rosconn Strategic Land.  All throughout the journey Rosconn advised me and guided me through every step of the process.  Rosconn helped me with everything and in the end proved themselves as a Professional company and they get results.

Many thanks to Dan O’Donnell and ALL at Rosconn.

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Steve Hylands

Land Owner Welford On Avon Development
Rosconn have been a delightful Company to deal with from the moment the idea of developing the land at Cubbington was broached until the conclusion some 7 years later. There were many snags and frustrations along the way, but the dogged determination of a bright and on-the-ball team meant that we were successful in the end.

Their knowledge of all the foibles of local planners and of the tedious requirements involved in County Council and Borough regulations is impressive. Throughout the process the team showed resilience and an impressive amount of patience. Their forbearance won through and we are very grateful for it.
Rosconn is continuing to pursue planning for an adjoining piece of land on our behalf and I am confident that if anyone will be successful, it will be Rosconn Strategic Land.

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Diana Jack

Land Owner Cubbington Development
I would advise that Rosconn have acted as promoters in connection with the successful promotion of land to achieve residential planning permission owned by members of my family. I am pleased to report that their advice and professionalism in obtaining planning permission and assisting with achieving a successful sale were excellent.
From a professional point of view I have also acted for a client in the successful promotion of land for residential development. I found all dealings with Rosconn and their solicitors straight-forward and transparent in keeping the landowner regularly informed of developments.

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Rob Davies

Land Owner & Solicitor for Lower Quinton Development
Acting on behalf of a landowner, I have recently been involved with Rosconn Strategic Land using them as promoters for a parcel of land at Heather Leicestershire.

From the outset, Dan and his team were efficient and approachable, in both completing the promotion agreement and during the planning process.

Rosconn’s attention to detail and willingness to use specialist consultants and barristers was instrumental in achieving a planning consent. The same attention to detail and timeliness was also shown during the marketing process and ultimately resulted in a successful outcome for all concerned.

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Martin Sansom MRICS FAAV

Partner at Sansom Hamilton & Co
Rosconn have a very impressive dedicated professional team who are focussed both on providing genuine personal service and obtaining very successful results for clients. The experienced team have delivered valuable planning consents and joints sales with me on various strategic residential development sites and I am regularly recommending them to retained clients securing flexible promotional agreements to take other sites forward under the planning process.
The team are honest approachable and I have great faith in the product they offer to deliver results in a challenging planning system.

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Marcus Faulkner

Director at Sheldon Bosley Knight
In all my dealings with Rosconn I found them to be open and honest with a strong understanding of commercial realities and the development process. They kept me informed at every stage through the complex planning process and about their dealings with third parties.
They were open about their costs. The negotiations leading to my final agreement to engage Rosconn were all conducted in a business but approachable manner with both parties prepared to consider the others position.
Once a planning permission had been secured, Rosconn conducted the negotiations with prospective developers in a skilful and expert way. With Daniel O’Donnell, I came to know that I could trust him to stick to a position once it was agreed and that if he promised to do or provide anything he would always deliver. His team also provided information and updates on a regular basis without prompt. For a private landowner that was to me a hugely important consideration.

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Malcolm Freckleton

Land Owner
Securing a planning permission on an unallocated site can be a challenging and frustrating process, and this site was no exception. From the start, Rosconn demonstrated a good grasp of the local issues and sensitivities and developed a good relationship with the planning officers.
The planning team, ably led by Nick Carr, brought in all the necessary expertise to put forward a well-supported and documented application. This was successful in getting an officer recommendation for approval but a Committee refusal meant a planning appeal and Inquiry. Rosconn assembled and briefed a top team of legal and technical advisers who put together a thorough, comprehensive and compelling planning case resulting in a successful appeal and planning permission.

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Jonathan Hale

Land Owner Advisor
Rosconn was chosen as they were an up and coming young vibrant company who were hungry for success and wanted to prove themselves within their own field.
Rosconn were very patient in their dealings and communications with us, as we had never experienced the world of property development and occasionally could not understand the jargon. Daniel and Nick were always available to either visit in our homes, or on the telephone, whether it be within the working week, or after hours in their own time.
We felt Rosconn were different as they were a small friendly company who was striving for the ne goal of success and we had a lot of faith in them.
Rosconn work as a team with each member having their individual input into each project and they have a marvellous network of experts to back up and
support them.
Rosconn can be highly recommended. During the process we felt Rosconn became an extended family member and we are still in contact with them.

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Shirley Smith & Sandra Campion

Land Owners
My brother and I had occasion to use the services of Rosconn of Stratford-upon-Avon to obtain Planning Permission for and to negotiate the sale of land in Alderminster. The Planning Permission obtained was for twenty-five houses and this was granted in the main because of the professional way in which Rosconn dealt with all aspects of the application, and the subsequent sale to the developers.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Rosconn. They are extremely efficient, straight forward, approachable and easily contactable. As far as we were concerned, being local to us, was a great asset but I would suggest that anyone, from whatever distance, would be equally satisfied with the service offered.
Rosconn and their team always took the trouble to handle any issue with care. No question, however small, was overlooked. We were kept informed during every step of the presentation and I applaud them for an excellent service.

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Jim & Bill Meadows

Land Owners
Although I was consulted by my clients at a very early stage of this deal, I take no credit for locating your client. After our initial meeting, I was asked if the promotional agreement route offered by your clients seemed to represent a reasonable way forward and my answer was ‘yes’ provided that the original document reflected the terms that had been agreed during my clients initial meetings with yours and overall was fair and reasonable to both parties.
I am pleased to say that after a little tweaking, the document was quickly agreed, signed and completed.
Much to everyone’s surprise (certainly on our side of the fence) permission was granted extremely quickly and although we had some false starts in finding a reliable purchaser, terms were eventually agreed and the matter proceeded to a successful conclusion.
Although this was a business transaction, with both your clients and mine having their own criteria, it was in fact more akin to a partnership with you and I in particular acting as a team in the same way that our respected clients, who remained in constant contact throughout the transaction, formed decisions that both were happy with.
One of the features of the deal as a whole, was that at times it was very quick moving but almost invariably my clients had been made aware of any information which I forwarded to them by your clients, often personally and usually well in advance of the emails. Your clients’ attention to detail was quite extraordinary and although this came at a cost in terms of counsel’s opinions, indemnity policies and third party solicitor’s fees and the like, overall it enabled the transaction to proceed at a pace with answers always being available to questions and a Plan B always sitting on the shelf waiting to be activated.
I know that at the end of the day, this was a good deal for both your clients and mine but at no time did my clients harbour any thoughts whatsoever either in relation to your client’s fees (which were of course agreed at the outset) or the disbursements. Their comments were ‘they have done the work’ and that was an end to it.
This transaction has literally been a life changer for my clients and I know that yours have already been approached by another landowner on my client’s recommendations. Hopefully, the outcome of that transaction will mirror the last with perhaps an even smoother ride given the experience that we now all have from the last transaction.

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Keith Harvey

We embarked on a journey with Rosconn Strategic Land that was made to feel very comfortable with the support of all the team at Rosconn. There were many bumps along the road due to the complexities of planning policy both national and local, but when the going got tough Rosconn always rallied to the cause.
My family and I are thankful that Rosconn saw our project through form start to finish with the upmost professionalism and high quality of service. Whenever we wanted an update meeting or just to talk through issues, the team would always point us in the right direction.
The Spencer family can highly recommend Rosconn Strategic Land to any landowner, they will not be disappointed.

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Antony Spencer

Land Owner