Rosconn Strategic Land

Rosconn Strategic Land, part of Rosconn Group which was created back in 2005 by our founder Dan O’Donnell, has enjoyed continued growth in terms of project scale, turnover and team expansion.

We are privately owned and funded by the founder which makes decision making more fluid and guarantees the landowner our unwavering focus.

Adding Value Through Innovation

At Rosconn we believe that our approach to the process is different. We have a tenacious team of individuals that are highly motivated and passionate about producing outstanding results. We pride ourselves on offering an excellent level of customer service that ensures your journey with us is a positive experience, world class experience..

Daniel O’Donnell

Daniel O’Donnell

Rosconn Strategic Land ensure that together we deliver carefully considered masterplans and planning permissions that provide genuine benefits to the Local Community.

One of the many values that we bring to the table is the fact that we fund the entire process at no risk or cost to the landowner.

All of the money invested into each and every project is invested personally by the Founder. This means the landowner has our total and unwavering focus.

The founder understands strategic land and the turbulence that can be experienced during the planning process. When the going gets tough he does not get nervous and divest his funding. Instead, he stands firm and invests as much as is required to get the right result.

Every site is different, we know that well and for this reason Rosconn Strategic Land offer a service that is uniquely tailored to the needs of the individual landowner.

The fact that Rosconn Strategic Land is a privately held and funded company means that we can take views on strategies that other more corporate or investor backed businesses cannot.

We are very proud to have a track record that is second to none. This has been derived from many years of focus, centred on creating the perfect journey to success for each landowner. This success is also down to the path we choose to take by our approach to engaging with all key local stakeholders when master-planning developments. To ensure, where possible, that the scheme will deliver genuine benefits to the Local Community.