Land Promotion FAQs

Land Promotion – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a land promoter?

A land promoter works alongside a landowner to help pursue planning permission for the development and sale of their land. Signing a legal agreement known as a land promotion agreement, financial risk of this process is taken on by the land promoter in a bid to achieve a sale at the maximum value possible for the land parcel in question. As part of this agreement the land promoter will take an agreed percentage share of the profits of the sale of the land.

At Rosconn Strategic Land we are a land promoter dedicated to achieving the greatest outcome for our clients. All landowners we work with will have our complete focus. With a team of dedicated planners and experts in the field, we will take on your project and tailor our services to your needs.

What does a land promotion agreement mean?

A land promotion agreement is a legal agreement signed by both a land promoter and a landowner. This agreement provides the land promoter the opportunity to promote, sell and maximise the value of the parcel of land on behalf of the landowner.

Why should I opt for a land promotion agreement?

As a landowner, it is important to know a land promotion agreement is a very popular structure for gaining planning permission on a piece of land. The agreement allows for this process to be free of both conflict and risk to the landowner. It is a simple way for your land to achieve its greatest potential.

Once planning permission is granted, the land promoter will help to sell the land on an open market through a competitive housebuilder bidding process. This allows the landowner and land promoter to achieve a maximised return on the land.

How much will a promotion agreement cost me?

The entire land promotion process will be funded entirely by our founder at Rosconn Strategic Land. This means we take on the complete financial responsibility for the promotion and sale of your land. In return, once a sale has been agreed, and only once this is achieved, the land promoter will take a share of the profits received. The percentage will have been agreed within the land promotion agreement at the outset.

How will Rosconn Strategic Land engage with my local community?

Here at Rosconn Strategic Land we take this aspect of land promotion very seriously. We know how important it is for the local community to be a part of the process so that we can discuss ways in which the development will complement the local area and its surroundings. Our team will spend time engaging with local stakeholders to build relationships, which we consider to be key to the success of our projects. For further information about how we do this you can read more here.

What happens if plans for development are not accepted by the local planning authority?

If planning permission is initially refused by your local planning authority, Rosconn Strategic Land will not abandon you or your land parcel. In fact, our team will work tirelessly to review the refusal and put in place a solution strategy. Typically, this will result in the Rosconn team submitting a planning appeal against the refusal. No matter how long this process takes, we will stand by you and commit our resources and expertise to achieving the desired and maximised result.

Is there any risk to me and my finances throughout the land promotion process?

There is absolutely no financial risk for the landowner throughout the land promotion process. As an expert land promoter, we take on complete financial responsibility for your project. For each project our founder funds the land promotion process entirely, taking on board the financial risk, therefore, our commitment to each and every client is clear.