Engaging With The Community

Building sustainable communities

Rosconn Strategic Land engage with the local community and key local stakeholders that form the heart of local communities, to provide a public consultation that is meaningful and inspires the delivery of a planning permission that enhances the local area. The aim of residential housing developments is not only to deliver on much needed housing but just as importantly, to enhance the local community where they are situated.

By interacting with local communities during the planning process for a new housing development, this enhances the feeling that it is a positive addition to their existing community. Delivery of local benefits is key and at Rosconn Strategic Land our delivery of key benefits to local communities via well thought out masterplans, that result in inspiring planning permissions, is unquestionable.

Working with the community

We know how important this is not only for the community but also the integrity of the planning process. Building relationships is key to success for Rosconn Strategic Land. Working together as a partnership delivers the best results for our team engaged on the land promotion project, the landowners and the local community. It is important to us that we deliver developments that fit into the local area that complement their surroundings and engage with the residents in the community as soon as we can.

We promise to:

Acknowledge the importance of the role local residents play in the planning process

Be open, honest and transparent in our approach

Listen to feedback and concerns of the local community 

Langford Design & Access Public Consultation
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