Why Rosconn Strategic Land

At Rosconn Strategic Land we truly understand just how important the decision of which promoter to work with is to the landowners, especially if it is a journey that they have never travelled before.

The Rosconn Way

The Rosconn way

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Privately owned and privately funded. Every pound invested is done so by the company’s Founder, so our commitment is clear.

We operate in a transparent manner where you can visit us at any time, Rosconn has an open door policy.

You will receive regular updates from the team, this ensures you’re never feeling off track.

Dynamic and experienced team that has worked together for a number of years. The same personnel that the landowner starts the project with, they will finish the project with, ensuring continuity throughout.

Proven track record of delivering difficult residential led planning permissions.

We ensure all sites are sold for maximised value by resolving technical issues, leaving no stone unturned therefore de-risking the purchase for the buyer.

Our team are highly incentivised to deliver the right result and maximise value.

The landowner receives a genuinely bespoke promotion package that ensures that the journey with Rosconn is personal to their needs.

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