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Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council

An 8.5 acre agricultural, greenfield site on the edge of the village of Desford, Leicestershire.

Rosconn were recommended to Mr & Mrs Cooper by a planning consultant, Mark Rose of Define, that was advising the landowner. They wanted to work with a company that had experience of engaging with local communities and key local stakeholders. Part of the attraction to the landowner was the highly tenacious team, private ownership and self financing structure.

Strategic Land Desford redline
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Following early engagement with Desford Parish Council, the site received support from the Parish Council and the local community as demonstrated by the site’s inclusion as an allocation for around 70 units in the draft Pre-Submission version of the Desford Neighbourhood Plan. This reaffirmed to the landowner why they had chosen Rosconn’s team to work closely with the local community stakeholders to ensure that the site was delivered successfully. The decision was made easier for the local community to select our land parcel due to the excellent vision document and design and access statement that was put together by the team at Define. A Rosconn promise is that we only use the best external consultants to complement our talented internal team. Following a plethora of surveys and reports, an outline planning application for the development of up to 80 dwellings, of which 40% were affordable, and associated works was submitted to Hinckley & Bosworth Council in February 2019.

The additional 10 plots over the 70 unit draft allocation in the NDP, demonstrates the added value that Rosconn incessantly strive to deliver. During the course of the determination of the application, several meetings were held, and correspondence was maintained, with the case officer throughout, via which several technical issues were resolved. This led the case officer to recommend approval of the planning application at planning committee.

The application was originally heard at the 25th June 2019 Planning Committee where members were minded to refuse the application against the officer’s recommendation for approval. Although we were shocked, in hindsight it was understandable when taking account of the fact the planning committee were in the main new to the process post local elections. The application was subsequently heard again at the 23rd July Planning Committee where members granted planning permission subject to the completion of the S106 agreement.

Working positively with the local authority and key local stakeholders was essential, as there were competing sites that could have been selected by the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan working party. One such competing site was refused planning and has had to go to planning appeal. Following our success at planning committee the land parcel was marketed via informal tender to a list of housebuilders, agreed by the landowner and their advisers. The site proved very popular and upon receiving bids, we interviewed the top three parties. Miller Homes were selected as the party that the landowner wanted to proceed with.

A simultaneous exchange and completion followed six weeks thereafter. The legal process is rarely straight forward and that is why another Rosconn commitment is to use a solicitor on the sale documentation that not only has the work capacity to deal with the matter in a timely fashion, but also the intellectual dexterity with which to deliver a successful result for our client. Mr & Mrs Cooper are delighted with their result and can highly recommend the land value maximisation service that Rosconn offers.

What did our customers say?

“Rosconn were recommended to me by a property development specialist who had worked with many such organisations.
At the time, I was being approached by a number of strategic land companies but I was most impressed by Rosconn from the outset.  My initial meeting was with Dan O’Donnell. I very much enjoyed the meeting and liked his open and professional manner. It was clear to me that here was someone that I could work with and most importantly trust. I decided at that meeting to proceed with Rosconn. It turned out to be an excellent decision. From the outset Rosconn explained the route forward and never failed to keep me informed of any difficulties that arose and were happy to discuss with me, and listen to my opinion, of the best way forward. It was pleasure to conduct business in such a friendly and open environment.

During the process I had regular contact with both Dan and Nick Carr.  Dan and Nick’s expertise and experience were striking both during the initial planning application phase and the eventual disposal stage. Their sensitive handling of local requirements and negotiations with a neighbouring landowner were particularly valuable.  I would add that the team that lies behind Dan & Nick is clearly effective and professional.

I have very much appreciated working with Rosconn and am very happy to recommend them to others who wish to secure development.  They have the art of making the difficult appear easy, which is no small achievement.  If I have other land that I believe has development potential I would have no hesitation picking up the telephone to Rosconn.”

Charles Cooper


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