Why a Land Promotion Agreement

What is land promotion?

Land Promotion is when a Land Promoter like us, Rosconn Strategic Land uses their expertise and financial resource to take your land through the planning process at no cost to you, the land owner. Rosconn Strategic Land is an established privately owned and funded Land Promoter, once we have obtained planning permission we will sell your land on your behalf to get the you maximum amount of money for the land parcel.

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What is a promotion agreement?

Take a seat, let us explain

A promotion agreement is when a developer or land promoter agrees to promote some land on behalf of the landowner. This is at the cost of the land promoter and they take on the financial risk of applying for the relevant planning permission. The promotion agreement is a simple and transparent legal agreement between the landowner and their partner, such as Rosconn Strategic Land.

A land promotion agreement is when landowners work with a specialist land promoter, such as Rosconn Strategic Land, to obtain the maximum amount of money from the sale of your land. This is achieved by Rosconn Strategic Land obtaining planning permission for a residential led development to be built on the land that is being promoted. This helps to increase the value of the land and appeal to housebuilders and developers before the land is disposed of post agreeing a marketing strategy with the owner. This means at the point of sale, all the planning and technical due diligence is done, so the highest possible price can be offered for the land by the housebuilder market.

Throughout the process until the point of sale, you remain the landowner and can be as involved or uninvolved in the process as you judge to be appropriate for you. We always work very closely with the landowner’s advisory team which typically includes their rural surveyor/land agent, solicitor and accountant.

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The benefits of selling your land using Rosconn Strategic Land

You achieve a maximum return on selling your land as we will make your land more valuable to potential house builders and developers.

We cover all of the costs of the whole process, so there is no financial risk to you for using Rosconn Strategic Land to sell your land.

We work with you as a team, which means that we want to maximise the value of your land with no conflict of interest.

Having the same objectives means that you can be confident in our commitment to you and know we have your best interests at heart.

You can be involved in selling your land as much or as little as you would like. We will ensure you are updated on the progress of the sale of your land every step of the way.

We will tailor the agreement of the sale of your land to cater for your individual needs.

If you have some land for sale or you are considering your options with land that you own, Rosconn Strategic Land are happy to help.