Strategic Land - Shepshed

Charnwood Borough Council

A 9.1 acre site, consisting of a former market garden, arable field and residential property.

Rosconn assembled the three parcels which had been in three different ownerships into a single site for a comprehensive residential development.

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Rosconn submitted an appeal, though the odds were stacked against us with the Local Authority recently having adopted their Local Plan and demonstrating a 5 Year Housing Land Supply.

Undeterred Rosconn assembled a team of industry leading consultants and top rated barrister to argue our case at a planning inquiry, whilst also initiating a High Court challenge of the District’s Local Plan.

The Inquiry was held in December 2015 and the appeal was allowed February 2016. Rosconn then marketed the site and Strata Homes were chosen as the site purchaser, with the site being sold later that year.

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What did our customers say?

“In all my dealings with Rosconn I found them to be open and honest with a strong understanding of commercial realities and the development process. They kept me informed at every stage through the complex planning process and about their dealings with third parties.

They were open about their costs. The negotiations leading to my final agreement to engage Rosconn were all conducted in a business but approachable manner with both parties prepared to consider the others position.

Once a planning permission had been secured, Rosconn conducted the negotiations with prospective developers in a skilful and expert way. With Daniel O’Donnell, I came to know that I could trust him to stick to a position once it was agreed and that if he promised to do or provide anything he would always deliver. His team also provided information and updates on a regular basis without prompt. For a private landowner that was to me a hugely important consideration.”

Malcolm Freckleton

Land Owner

“Securing a planning permission on an unallocated site can be a challenging and frustrating process, and this site was no exception. From the start, Rosconn demonstrated a good grasp of the local issues and sensitivities and developed a good relationship with the planning officers.

The planning team, ably led by Nick Carr, brought in all the necessary expertise to put forward a well-supported and documented application. This was successful in getting an officer recommendation for approval but a Committee refusal meant a planning appeal and Inquiry. Rosconn assembled and briefed a top team of legal and technical advisers who put together a thorough, comprehensive and compelling planning case resulting in a successful appeal and planning permission.”

Jonathan Hale

Land Owner Advisor

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