Strategic Land - Coleshill

North Warwickshire Borough Council

This 3 acre site consisted of a private residence with an extensive garden, within the Warwickshire market town of Coleshill.

Rosconn made representations to both the emerging Local Plan where the site was draft allocated for 27 dwellings and Coleshill’s Neighbourhood Development Plan where the it was identified as a preferred site.

The draft allocation for 27 dwellings was made on the basis of its sensitive location partly within the Coleshill Conservation Area and within the wider setting of a number of listed buildings.

Strategic Land - Coleshill
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We knew that with a sensitive approach the site could accommodate a higher number of homes. A sensitive layout was then developed following a well received public consultation, Council pre-application discussions and a number of further meetings with Councillor’s.

Rosconn took a detailed approach to layout, fixing the siting of units, providing a Design Principles Document and Boundary Landscape Strategies.

Following a number of iterations of the site layout plan and indicative street scenes, our efforts culminated in a layout that was pleasing to both Coleshill Town council, the Local Authority and achieved 13 more dwellings than the draft allocation. The fact that the site layout was fixed as part of the outline planning application meant that the eventual housebuilder purchased a de-risked parcel of land whereby they could pay a premium price.

The value Rosconn added was travelling the journey of nine versions of the plans to satisfy all Key Local Stakeholders, to ensure that the land was more saleable than a basic outline permission would have offered.

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