Is My Land Suitable for Development?

Is my land Suitable for development

If you have never sold land before it can certainly be a daunting task to navigate. Without the right guidance and professional advice, land can be undervalued and mis-sold, leaving you, the landowner, walking away with less than market value. At Rosconn Strategic Land, we work with landowners to ensure maximum return on their land and the right process is taken to ensure planning permission is achieved. This will include a land review, providing financial backing, a land appraisal, and community engagement. As the landowner you can choose how involved in this process you wish to be.

One of the first questions landowners will want to know before approaching development opportunities, is whether or not their land would even be suitable for development. There are a few important points to consider when reviewing land for development suitability, here we have highlighted some to bear in mind.

Is my land Suitable for development
Is my land suitable for development

Access Points and Land Drainage

Two very important things to consider when reviewing your lands development potential are access points and drainage solutions. A developer would look for either upgrading an existing access point or options for the formation of a new one. This could be links to a road, and whether neighbouring land might be needed as an access point and whether there is enough room for an access point for both pedestrians and vehicles.

Drainage is an issue which land developers and housing associations have become more aware of in recent years. Ensuring land has the appropriate means for rainwater drainage from roofs, roads, and gardens, is now vital for approval. A review of your land would help determine whether there is appropriate drainage options on or around your land for development. At Rosconn we take a number of surveys to review some of the following, Transport and Access, Drainage, Ecology and Ground Investigations.

Land Drainage
Land Drainage

Working with the Local Council

Understanding your local government and their restrictions and guidelines around planning permission in your area is really important. Particularly if your land is of value to the local community or is designated Green Gelt land. Looking into the planning application process, policies, connecting with the local council, are all important steps in ensuring a relationship with the local council is developed. Whilst gaining an understanding of how the planning application process works.

This will help provide you some clarity as to whether or not housing development would be an option for your piece of land. If working with a Land Promoter you will be completely supported in this process, including preparing and managing a planning application on the land and any legal fees will be covered as well.

A Land Promotion Agreement

A Land Promotion Agreement is a route a landowner can choose to use to sell their land with the guidance of a Land Promoter. The agreement is decided between the landowner and the Land Promoter, which allows the Land Promoter to apply for planning permission for a development on the piece of land and market the land for sale on an open market for housing developers to bid.

At Rosconn we take all our landowners through the process from the initial agreement meeting, all the way through to planning application submission, permission and site marketing.

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Why Work With Rosconn?

Here at Rosconn, our team is well-established, made up of dedicated, hard-working individuals looking to achieve the best outcome for all our clients. Having achieved great success in the past with previous landowners, we are always on the lookout for our next project and would be happy to complete a review of your land to determine its development potential.

If this is something you would be interested in, you can fill out our form for a no obligation appraisal. Alternatively, please feel free to get in contact with us for more information about Rosconn Strategic Land and land promotion. Under our guidance, you will go through the process with no risk to you or your land.

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