Rosconn Strategic Land Case Study Elsenham-redline

Uttlesford District Council

This 8.6 acre site lies south of Elsenham and previously was used as a paddock.

The land was proposed for allocated in emerging Uttlesford Regulation 19 Pre-submission Local Plan. The outline planning application was submitted in February 2019 for up to 44 dwellings to maximise the value of the land. After extensive negotiations with the Council, the scheme was reduced to 40 dwellings to comply with the emerging policy. Subsequently, the planning application was recommended for approval by the Planning Officer, however, it was refused by the Planning Committee in November 2019. At the same time, the Inspector recommended the withdrawal of the Local Plan. Rosconn launched an appeal and at present are awaiting a Hearing date. We are optimistic about securing a positive outcome to the appeal as the Council currently is unable to demonstrate a five-year housing land supply.

Rosconn Strategic Land Case Study Elsenham-redline
Rosconn Strategic Land Case Study Elsenham Homes
Case Study Elsenham Council
Case Study Elsenham Plan
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