Cubbington, Warwickshire

Warwick District Council

A 1.8 acre Green Belt site on the northern edge of a village in Warwickshire.

This broadly rectangular 1.8 acre Green Belt site on the northern edge of Cubbington, a village in Warwickshire, consisted of numerous buildings associated with equestrian use.

Given the site’s location within the Green Belt, Rosconn proceeded to engage with Warwick District Council and subsequently submitted a formal pre-application enquiry in September 2017, following the exchange of the legal agreement with the landowner.

A planning application was subsequently prepared and submitted in March 2018 for the demolition and redevelopment of the existing equestrian buildings to provide 16 new dwellings. However, this application was refused by the planning committee on 19th October 2018 despite the officer’s recommendation for approval. Rosconn went to work preparing evidence to support a robust planning appeal, which was lodged in December 2018.

During the life of the appeal, a Wheatcroft amendment (changes to an application during an appeal with comprehensive re-consultation) was made to amend the application to 17 dwellings. On 21st October 2019, planning permission was granted via appeal.

The marketing process began in earnest in conjunction with the landowner’s agent David Holt. Warwick District Housing were selected as the purchaser and duly completed on the transaction in August 2020.

The residential land market was far from settled at this stage due to ongoing uncertainty in the marketplace. Rosconn’s unrelenting approach was most certainly called for and paid dividends for the landowners who are delighted with the result.

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