Radford Semele

Strategic Land - Radford Semele

Warwick District Council

The site consists of a circa 2 acre arable field adjoining the village of Radford Semele, Warwickshire.

A swift submission of the planning application was key to securing planning permission on this site as the planning policy context meant there was a limited window of opportunity to obtain planning consent.
Accordingly an application was submitted the month after exchanging contracts.

Strategic Land - Radford Semele
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Case Studies - Radford Semele - Exchanged
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Nevertheless the site required a sensitive approach, being designated as an Area of Restraint within the adopted Local Plan, so Rosconn prepared a carefully designed, landscape led scheme to ensure its robustness.

The application was granted at local level having been recommendation for approval by the planning officer, despite a number of local objectors attending the planning committee. The site was subsequently marketed and sold to Kendrick Homes.

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What did our customers say?

“We embarked on a journey with Rosconn Strategic Land that was made to feel very comfortable with the support of all the team at Rosconn. There were many bumps along the road due to the complexities of planning policy both national and local, but when the going got tough Rosconn always rallied to the cause.

My family and I are thankful that Rosconn saw our project through form start to finish with the upmost professionalism and high quality of service. Whenever we wanted an update meeting or just to talk through issues, the team would always point us in the right direction.

The Spencer family can highly recommend Rosconn Strategic Land to any landowner, they will not be disappointed.”


Antony Spencer
Land Owner

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