Think tank recommends government funding for neighbourhood planning

Neighbourhood Planning Funding

A new report created by the think tank Localis, has put forward a suggestion to government to set up two new national funds. Their recommendations suggest one fund should be put in place to support neighbourhood planning. With the other used to offset the carbon which is produced by new development. The think tank published their report just in time for the newly appointed Housing Secretary, Michael Gove, to make his first speech. Addressing the planning reform. At Rosconn Strategic Land, as a land promoter, we are regularly involved in several neighbourhood plans, so these recent suggestions have certainly caught our attention.

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What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Neighbourhood planning was introduced in 2011 as part of the Localism Act. Providing communities with the ability to take control of and work to implement their vision for their neighbourhood. Helping the local area to grow and develop. Giving local residents the power to choose where they would like to see new homes, shops, and office be built. Not only this but, neighbourhood planning allows these people to share their thoughts on what these buildings should look like and grant the planning permissions for the new buildings they wish to see be built in their neighbourhood.

For more information about neighbourhood plans, the planning team at Rosconn Strategic Land are proud to be able to offer our Neighbourhood Plan Guide. Click here to view our Guide.

Rosconn Strategic Land Neighbourhood Plan Guide

The report by Localis

The report by Localis made several recommendations:

The government should use the planning system to create a “stewardship” model to deliver new housing. Combining the work of developers, local authorities, and community groups to create a planning partnership between the three groups.

The Government should set aside national funds, which should be used to support neighbourhood planning and offset the carbon produced by new developments.

The research also suggested the government should make a return to the regional strategic planning tier, by setting up what would be known as “regional growth boards”. This would be used to oversee “joined-up strategic thinking on climate action, transport, infrastructure and housing provision”.

Localis had this to say:

Jonathan Werran, chief executive of Localis said: “If the government is serious about delivering quality housing its needs to find money to support design codes and neighbourhood planning, and carbon offsetting if we are to reach net zero. These are things which need to be addressed.”

Rosconn Strategic Land’s contribution to Neighbourhood Planning

Over several years the planning team at Rosconn Strategic Land have been involved in several Neighbourhood Plans. Working with landowners to successfully promote their land for residential development. When it comes to our work with Neighbourhood Plans Groups, we continue to work with these groups across England. As a Land Promoter, we are able to offer our knowledge expertise to provide our thoughts on potential opportunities for sites through the Neighbourhood Planning process.

If you would like to access our land promotion services, to add value to your land, please get in touch with our friendly team.

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